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Testimonials & References

Comic Books and Star Wars Auction

“Our sincere thanks to you and your team for everyone’s hard work on our recent Comic Book & Star Wars online auction.

We credit the success of the auction in large part to Michael Murray. We met Michael through a relative and realized that because of his outgoing personality and experience as an auctioneer, that he was the right person to handle our son’s collections. Michael patiently answered all our questions and concerns (sorry Michael!) and remained in constant communication before and during the auction process.  The last day was exciting, nerve-wrecking and…what a rush! Just as Michael predicted.

This was our 1st experience with an auction and we were happy we chose Pamela Rose Auction Company LLC and Michael Murray. We would highly recommend your company, Michael and his team to anyone in need of your services.

We also want to acknowledge Bob Maki, Cody, Heather and Luke for the great job they did to inventory and market our items. We are grateful for their individual skills.

Again, thank you all for making this bitter/sweet experience of parting with our son’s treasures so comforting and so successful.”

Golf Course Equipment Auction

“Excellent job on our recent auction…..
The Pamela Rose team was very professional in handling all the details necessary with our specialized event. Your marketing efforts got a bigger turnout that surely created higher sales. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Thanks for job well done.”

Personal Property Auction

“I wish to thank you for the very professional and courteous way my liquidation was conducted. I was very impressed with the auction and the way it  was handled by Bob, Denise, and Michael Murray. I highly recommend others in my situation to use your company. Thank you again for all the assistance your staff provided.”

Commercial Real Estate Auction

“I personally want to thank you for your quick turnaround in selling the Toledo Woman’s Club building. You kept me informed every step of the way and that meant a lot to me and the club.”

Commercial Personal Property

“Exceptional! Pamela Rose Auction Company handled the auction at our dealership, Brondes Ford Lincoln Maumee. The entire process was managed efficiently and professionally. From our first meeting their knowledge and expertise was apparent. They were completely transparent concerning the entire process and instilled a level of confidence that the auction would be a success. Everything from furniture, vehicle lifts, paint booths and a wide array of equipment was sold. I could not be more pleased with the results. Thank you Pamela and Michael Murray for a job well done!”

Real Estate Listing

“My husband and I are extremely grateful for Rae Murra’s real estate skills.  She took on our “problem child” property and sold it with such remarkable skill and dedication.  She expertly worked with our bank and negotiated the short sale to closing.  We are so relieved that Ms. Murra executed this deal so proficiently.  It is an incredible feeling to have put our trust in her and have her overwhelmingly exceed our expectations. Thank you, Rae!”

Personal Property Auction

“I wanted to thank you for the very professional and courteous way my liquidation was conducted. I was very impressed with the auction and the way it was handled by Bob, Denise, & Michael Murray. I highly recommend other in my situation to use your company.


Thank you again for all the assistance your staff provided.”

Real Estate Auction

“I just wanted to thank you so much for sticking with me and selling my house so quickly! I know it was a challenge, and I don’t think any other Realtor could have done it as seamlessly as you did. It’s such a huge burden to have off my shoulders. Very much appreciated!”

Real Estate Auction

“Hats Off to you, your company and the auction process! Like many of your potential clients, the auction concept was new to us, and we were concerned with risking a home that had been in our family for forty years to the highest bidder.


What I am most impressed with was the ability to use the auction approach as a marketing tool for a home not yet listed on the market. This created the enthusiasm and urgency we needed to assure bidding. The enthusiasm and urgency motivated buyers to contact us in head of time with a very satisfying offer and terms.


I would not hesitate considering an auction on any future real estate transactions. You afforded us the ability to manage this situation from over 500 miles away, and you and your associates were always professional, courteous and honest.”

Real Estate and Personal Property Auction

“Thanks also to you, Pam. I’m pleased with how things went. I’m especially pleased we are done (and all those other houses in the Colony are still for sale). I’m thrilled the buyers are looking forward to living there. And I still love sharing the story of the blueprints.” (This seller sold hundreds of blueprints through our firm as well as contents and real estate).

Real Estate and Personal Property Auction

“Just wanted to thank, you, Pam and everyone else involved with the auction today. I truly understand and appreciate all which was done. I believe we did the right thing and am very happy with all Pam’s people. I will continue working with you and Pam and the new buyer, make her transition as easy as possible. Seeing her joy of tears, when we accepted her final offer made all the difference in the world. Knowing I sold my parents house to someone who will appreciate it and give it the same love my parents did. Thank you again for everything.”

Benefit Auction

“THANK YOU! Because of generous people like you at this years Mission Madness Bash we were able to raise $29,288! The funds allow further development of the playing fields at the stunning Blue Creek Recreation Area and also provide resources, administrative support, and financial assistance to youth activities in our community.


With your help, we are building a safe and beautiful place for our kids to gain confidence, learn leadership skills, be part of the team, and get outside and play. Together, we’re creating a community that is environmentally friendly, socially equitable, and best of all, a great place to live!”

Real Estate and Personal Property Auction

“We are so pleased and impressed with how well everything turned out regarding my mother’s estate and home. Thank You for your attention and hard work before, during, and after; in this difficult but very important time. I’m SOLD on Home Auctions – thank you! All very appreciated, and to your awesome employees as well. You guys are a formidable team!”

Personal Property Auction

“Pam, Just wanted to thank you & your exceptional staff for providing us with fantastic results of today’s auction, you’ve given me and my husband and family a sense of relief, with your overwhelming kindness… you’ll never be forgotten… thanks again from the bottom of my heart. May god bless you & your family.”

Commercial Real Estate Auction

“I wanted to thank you again for the excellent service and communication you provided from start to finish with the selling of our building. We already recommend you to everyone we talk with.”

Real Estate & Personal Property Auction

“My husband & I would like to thank you for all your hard work on our home and personal property auction. Carson Helminiak and Pam Rose were wonderful when they came to our home to discuss the possibility of an auction. They were professional but did not pressure us to sign on the dotted line. They gave an honest opinion of our selling situation, and we were comfortable with moving forward with the auction.


One the day of the auction, Carson, Brady, and Rae all worked so darn hard to get everything ready, despite the fact that it was probably the hottest day in the past five years, and Pam was pretty amazing as an auctioneer. We felt like you were really working with us and for us and not just for a business. They did a wonderful job. We are so happy that we are able to move forward with our plans to move without the worry of an unsold home and unneeded personal property hanging over our heads. We would, without hesitation, recommend them as fine people with whom to do business.”

Real Estate Auction

“Thank you for all of your kind comments. I’m just sorry you sent your note of appreciation before we sent ours. It has been a whirlwind couple of days(!), and I’ve been remiss in not thanking you immediately. We’re HAPPY! When Mike asked after the closing how I felt, I could honestly tell him that I felt great, while just a couple of weeks ago I would have felt sick over the price. The auction process gave us what we hoped it would: property exposure. But just as importantly it accomplished what you said it would: action and reality. We did have to settle for less money than we were hoping for, but we ended up getting not one but two sets of buyers who are wonderful people, and who love our place. We are so at peace with the idea of turning our home over. They will cherish it just as we have, fill it with family, and possibly make it even better than it already is. We’re very sorry that the Hillards were shut out the way they were at the end. We have truly enjoyed (almost) everything about this experience – the auction itself was surprisingly fun! We think you and your team are pros, and we’d do it again! I know your pay off was also less than you had aimed for. I hope you you can be as okay with it as we’ve determined to be and that our sincere appreciation adds a little to the pot. We like you a lot, and we thank you a lot!”

Art Auction

“I was remiss in not telling you what a good job Judy and I thought you and Pamela, and your office staff, did to prepare for the auction and then conduct such a successful sale. I was amazed at the dynamic of the auction. I’m glad we had so many paintings to sell because the prices seem to start off a bit low, but then all it took was a couple high prices and the auction then seemed to feed off itself with higher and higher prices. I was shocked that an unsigned 16X20 Maumee River scene sold for $1,350 and an unsigned Texas, Ohio scene that was missing paint went for $850 after several signed pieces of better quality sold for much less earlier in the auction. I was happy to see that Frank bought one of his father’s early works. We were very pleased with the overall results….thanks again”

Real Estate Auction

“I am so pleased and impressed with the “Auction Process”, and with the Pamela Rose Auction Company, that I wanted to write this letter of appreciation.


First of all, I think it is important to understand why I decided to pursue the “Auction Process” to sell my home. In May of 2008 I wanted to sell my home in an already difficult housing market across the country, but in particular here in Michigan. Since my home would be considered a high-end property, I contracted a realtor in the Bloomfield/Birmingham area that specialized in marketing and selling exclusive properties. However after almost eighteen months on the market, I had only four showings and no offers; not even an insulting offer. Obviously the “Traditional Realtor Process” of selling a home was not working for me in this difficult housing market.


Then one evening I saw an advertisement on television, by the Pamela Rose Auction Company, for the auction of an exquisite home in an exclusive area within Bloomfield Hills. I decided to monitor this auction as a possible alternative method to selling my home. The auction attracted several “real” buyers and quickly sold. So I contacted the Pamela Rose Auction Company to explore selling my house via the “Auction Process”.


Within days you and Pamela visited my home, thoroughly explained the various auction types, the advertising plan, the bidders earnest money requirements, the showing and auction schedule, and the proposed closing date. You presented an “Auction Process” plan that would list, advertise, and sell my house in six (6) weeks; and then close four (4) weeks after the auction date. Versus the “Traditional Realtor Process” where my house stood for eighteen (18) months and not a single offer. It was a very easy decision.


I was very impressed by you, and the rest of the Pamela Rose Auction Team, in the execution of the entire plan as it was initially presented to me. The brochure with aerial photos was completed within a week. The 3000 piece direct mailing of the brochure went out as scheduled. The newspaper advertising was broad based which included local, regional, and national publications. The television ad was very impressive and professionally done. Every aspect of advertising plan was executed as initially presented and within our agreed upon budget. In the end, the “Auction Process” flushed out “real” buyers where the “Traditional Realtor Process” did not. The entire selling process took ONLY six (6) weeks and I closed four (4) weeks after that. Very impressive!


I want to thank you for the professional manner in which you conducted yourself, and the rest of the members involved from the Pamela Rose Auction Company; which resulted in a very positive experience. As you state in your advertisement, “Auction Means Action”, which is exactly what I experienced. I would highly recommend the “Auction Process” and the Pamela Rose Auction Company to anyone who is considering the sale of property in this difficult real estate environment.”

Large Corporation Content Auction

“The entire staff of the Pamela Rose Auction Company put together what was billed as very likely the largest auction in Toledo’s history and it was done on time with the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction of our company. On the behalf of our company, thank you for a job well done!


Approximately a year ago, my company gave me the assignment to get rid of the contents of its corporate offices because the company had sold the existing building and was moving to a new facility. The terms of the sale of the building stipulated that the my company would give possession of the building to the new owner on Sept. 30, 2009. The question quickly became, how does a company intelligently dispose of the contents of a 100,000 sq. ft. building that has been occupied for almost forty years, especially when those contents included valuable pieces of art , very collectible antiques, top-of-the-line executive furnishings, work stations, and countless other items that had been collected over four decades?


The answer came almost as quickly – you look for a reputable auction company with a stellar track record and years of experience. This is where Pamela Rose Auction Company entered the picture. After months of working together, we had our first auction in March, the second one in June, the third one in August and the final – a three day auction of over 2,500 items, in September. During the course of those auctions, you were able to sell items that ranged from a restored 1927 stake bed truck, to an Oriental case that sold for $11,500 to original oil paintings that sold for more than $20,000 each.


Please accept and pass along my personal thanks to the auctioneers & the very capable Pamela Rose Auction staff, including the “Boss Lady” herself, Pamela Rose.”

Estate & Real Estate Auction

“Well, the estate auction and real estate auction is over and I am highly compelled to write you a thank you letter. You and your staff are simply awesome. I was speaking to my parents’ estate attorney just this morning and he asked me how it went and if I had any concerns or questions. My response was that I never had any concerns or questions – you and your staff always answered them before I could even voice them!


I never thought that anything so overwhelming as the disposition of the lifetime accumulation of two self-admitted pack-rats could be so simple. You made it happen and you did it with all the class, all the schmaltz, all the hype, and all the sophisticated PR it needed and deserved. You knew exactly when to be a huckster and when to represent the caliber of the estate you were offering. I feel confident that you maximized the most amount of dollars in the shortest period of time. Could we have made more on E-bay and the antique show/flea market circuit? Perhaps. But it probably would have taken every weekend for five years to get it done. You did it in two incredible days.


The real estate auction was simply a work of art. We had – without your input – pegged a satisfactory price based on the market, the property condition, etc. I had some serious reservations beforehand… but I am a firm believer today in the value of the auction, at least when it is done by Pamela Rose Auctions!


Finally, I want to relate something that just struck me as… totally Pamela Rose. This evening, your associate stopped by. No one ever “stops by” our house as we live in a somewhat rural, out-of-the-way area. He had nothing to deliver, nothing to ask for, nothing to report about. He simply wanted to know if everything had gone alright and ask if there was anything else he could do. He could have done the same thing from his cell phone and I would have been impressed. I was dumbfounded (and I probably reflected it). That sort of sincere customer service is why I would recommend you to anyone, anytime, any day.


There is one more thing. I had never had the good fortune of meeting you before. Having crossed that threshold, I will say that it is totally incomprehensible that anyone could have such a high level of energy and enthusiasm for what they do every day. You are one of the most motivated persons I have ever met. I got tired just listening to you! I can’t even remotely imagine trying to keep up with you. By the way, your staff that I talked to said exactly the same thing!


But that is part of the secret to your success. It is obviously not a job. It is not a way to make a living. It is not even just taking care of the customer… it is a passion for success. If anyone is thinking about the right way to dispose of property or real estate, I will tell them that auction – specifically Pamela Rose Auction – is the only way to go.”

Commercial Auction

“I wanted to tell you I was pleased with your services for the auction of my property. My satisfaction is based on the following:


– The Advertising was successful in attracting a large crowd for the auction.
– The quick sale & closing allowed me to do a regular 1031 exchange instead of the reverse exchange I was planning.
– I feel my net proceeds were perhaps more than they would have been had I sold the building conventionally. This is based on the estimates I recieved from two very competent realtors I had spoken with about listing the building prior to deciding to auction with you.


If I were going to sell one of my other apartment buildings in this market I would auction it as I did. This is probably the best example of my satisfaction with the process & the services that you provided.”



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