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Pamela Rose Auction Company, LLC

Since 1987, Pamela Rose Auction Company, LLC has been dedicated to providing each client with innovative and practical auction services.

Recognized nationally as an industry leader for real estate, on-site and on-line asset liquidation auctions in the Midwest with licenses in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Pamela Rose Auction Company, LLC is well-known for services we provide through auction affiliations across the United States. The Pamela Rose Auction Company, LLC team is active members in our community, and is pleased to continue to support special causes and non-profit organizations with live benefit auctions and fund-raising galas. Our Firm is a full-service auction company with an experienced and hard-working team and we take pride in providing our very best to each of our clients. At Pamela Rose Auction Company, LLC you can expect to receive:

Unsurpassed Experience… Pamela Rose, our President and Founder, is a 2nd generation auctioneer licensed in Ohio, Michigan, and the Indiana regions. Pam gained experience growing up in the auction industry working for her father, David Rose, a nationally recognized auctioneer. She has conducted over 20,000 auctions in her 31-year career and is well-known for the largest auction in Ohio with a gross selling price of $23,000,000. In 2009 Pamela Rose received recognition for selling at Auction the most expensive home in Michigan for $4,950,000, and is one of the top Real Estate Agents in Ohio for sales volume, an award presented by the Ohio Association of Realtors. In addition, Pamela continues to be prominently recognized by the auction industry with awards bestowed by the National Auctioneer’s Association and Women’s International Auctioneer Championship (1998), has served on the Ohio Auction Commission and has been selected as an Appointed Chairperson of the NAR Auction Committee. With her commitment to our community, Pamela Rose is also well-known for offering her services to charity and benefit events in the region.

The Best Auction Team Possible for our Buyers & Sellers…  Our auction team at Pamela Rose Auction Company, LLC includes licensed full-service auctioneers that are experienced in on-line and on-site asset liquidation auctions, multi-parcel bidding, and project analysis. Our team also includes licensed Real Estate Agents with experience in home-value estimating, real estate marketing, and probate & asset appraisals.

In addition to our auctioneers and real estate agents, we have a full-service Marketing, Advertising and Project Management team that excels in bringing Buyers and Sellers together, and making each auction uncomplicated and easy for our clients. Our Sellers benefit from the freedom to control the terms and timing of the sale of their assets and prosper from our experience and the urgency the Pamela Rose Marketing Team creates in the marketplace. For Buyer’s, our auctions allow bidders to buy quickly, efficiently and at prices they determine.

Innovative, Practical Solutions for Every Client… Pamela Rose Auction Company, LLC offers each client an individualized marketing campaign and tailored liquidation program for the most efficient service possible. Whether the assets encompass over 90 properties in one auction, or the sale is the liquidation of a modest estate, Pamela Rose faithfully keeps one goal in mind… to ensure every auction brings top market value for her clients.

 Biography of Pamela Rose


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